Pantra Corporation is one of the top companies in Korea which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting of various rubber parts.
With the ambition of supplying quality rubber products for worldwide market, we are now exporting 100% of our products to overseas and 90% of them go to U.S.A.

To keep the competitiveness in everyday changing business world, we have committed ourselves to saving the cost and enhancing the quality and USA rubber companies , you will recognize if we just name it, are our major customers. All our parts are made to the customer's design or specification and the compound is developed by us if given the spec. Our product range covers specially automotive rubber parts and we are specialized in molded and lathe cut parts

We make
- Rubber packing for pipe working, locking parts for conveyor etc
- Diaphragms, Gaskets, Boots, seals for automotive industry
- Rubber mounts, Packing O-rings for automotive and electrical appliances
- Silicone colored parts
- Extruded solid cellular rubber parts
- Bellows and Lathe-cut rubber parts
- Tooling for rubber parts

Based on over 20 years of experience in rubber industry, we have been growing at high speed and we will keep doing our continuous effort to meet and satisfy the customer's demand.

Precision Cut Seal
Large Cut Seal
Drive Belt
Extruded Parts
Adhesion Seal