Production Equipments

1. 300ton Press
2. Mixing Mill
3. Batch Off Machine (Cooling)
4. Extruder
5. Autoclave (Oven)
6. Grinder/Cutter
7. Tool Cleaner (Shot Blaster)
8. Vision Inspection Machine
9. Tool Rack
10. Preformer
11. Lip Seal Cutter

Laboratory Capabilities

name testing properties spec. manufacturer
Rheometer Rheology 50~200 WJ (Yokogawa)
Universal Testing Machine Tensile Properties 500kg WJ
Heat Test Machine Heat Age 300℃ WJ (Hanyoung)
Oil Test Machine Oil Age 300℃ WJ (Hanyoung)
Low Temperature Test Machine Low Temp. -70℃ LAB TECH (Hanyoung)
Durometer Hardness 1~100 TECLOCK
Disital Caliper Dimensions 3000mm MYTUTOYO
Density Machine Specific Gravity 0.4g~200g AND
Videometer Dimensions, Visual X and Y 0.5㎛ RATIONAL

Production Process

1. Receive Material
2. Import Inspection
3. Mixing
4. Cutting
5. Molding
6. Deflash, Inspection
7. Vision Inspection
8. Dock Audit
9. Shipment