Ethical Management
  • Pantra Korea is making efforts to establish ‘a code of business ethics’, to perform transparent
    and fair tasks, and to contribute to the nation’s society.
Chapter 1 Customer-based Management,
  • Details
  • Respect for Customers
  • Creation of Value
  • Provision of Value
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • Based on the belief that customers are the true foundation of business, customers opinions shall be respected and continued values shall be created to gain customers ‘trust.
Chapter 2 Fair Management
  • Details
  • Pursuit of Free Competition
  • Compliance with Legislation
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • The business activities shall comply with the related legislation, and shall secure competitive superiority through just procedures.
Chapter 3 Management for Co-existence with Subcontractors
  • Details
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Fair Transaction Procedures
  • Pursuit of Mutual Development
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • All transactions shall be made in accordance with the principle of free competition, and common development shall be pursued through transparent and fair transactions.
Chapter 4 Executives/Employees’ Basic Ethics
  • Details
  • Basic ethics
  • Fulfillment of mission
  • Self-development
  • Fair job performance
  • Avoidance of conflict of performance with the company
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • We guarantee the interests of shareholders, improve the quality of life of our employees, and contribute to creating a good society by growing into a substantial company through rational business development.
Chapter 5 Executives/Employees’ Responsibilities
  • Details
  • Respect for People
  • Faire Treatment
  • Promotion of Creativity
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • All the executives/employees shall be respected as human beings, and shall be fairly treated according to their abilities and achievements in a way allowing them to sufficiently demonstrate creativity.
Chapter 6 Responsibilities for the Nation and Society,
  • Details
  • Reasonable Business Deployment
  • Shareholder Benefits and Protection
  • Contribution to Social Development
  • Protection of Environment
  • Purpose and Responsibility[Business Performance]
  • This company, by developing into a internally stable company through reasonable business deployment, shall guarantee the benefits of the shareholders, shall enhance the quality of life of the employees, and shall contribute to making society better.